BioWatt has been retained to undertake a feasibility study for a Local Authority developing it’s own Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Facility.

It is widely expected that England & Wales will introduce mandatory food waste collections before 2025, creating an estimated additional 4 million tonnes of food waste each year.  While existing capacity will process some of this material – additional new facilities in areas that have few or no facilities within a reasonable distance of arisings. 

Recently, District, Municipal and Unitary Authorities are looking to fund assets that achieve secure, long-term returns and benefit their area or the quality of service they provide. Given the future statutory requirement and savings over alternative forms of disposal, even post-Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RTFO) are sufficient to justify investment. 

Using our extensive in-house development experience and expertise, BioWatt have undertaken the following:

    • Site and planning assessment
    • Gas/ Electrical and CNG/LNG offtake options
    • Financial modelling and business plan
    • Local/ sub-regional/ regional options
    • Layout and design

If successful, the feasibility work should hopefully lead to the Authority submitting a planning application for a new AD facility in 2020 in readiness to treat it’s own kitchen waste as well as surrounding authorities.

BioWatt Appointed to Undertake Feasibility Study
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