• BioWatt & FM Bioenergy Solve Performance Issues

    Working with FM Bioenergy BioWatt has solved ongoing biological inhibition problems at the Katharos AD Facility in Essex. Having achieved stable biological and mechanical performance at 60% of installed capacity, further feed
  • BioWatt completes funding of latest biomethane to grid project

    BioWatt is excited to announce the completion of our latest development project – Deal Farm Biogas! Deal Farm Biogas will be an agricultural by-products, crop and manure biomethane-to-grid project located near Diss
  • BioWatt Launches Smart-Ops Asset Management Service

    BioWatt announces tie up with Smart-Ops intelligent operations system
  • Plant Acquisition – Technical Advice

    BioWatt retained to advise large German Energy Company on UK anaerobic digestion investment
  • BioWatt Appointed to Undertake Feasibility Study

    Local Authority appoints BioWatt to assess feasibility of building their own AD facility.
  • CASE STUDY – technical/ commercial advice

    BioWatt has been advising a large investment group on the acquisition of existing AD assets in the UK
  • Biogas Case Study: Bonby Biogas

    Biomethane to Grid (900m3/hr) Biogas Project (75,000 tpa) [ezcol_1third]BioWatt developed, secured funding for, managed the construction of and is now operating and managing this 75,000 TPA pre-consumer food waste biomethane to grid
  • Further Biogas Acquisition

    BioWatt takes over operations at another AD plant.
  • Construction Nears Completion on Bonby Plant

    Construction is nearing completion at our latest (and largest) facility to date near Bonby in North Lincolnshire.  The plant sits in view of the impressive Humber bridge and will treat 75,000 tonnes
  • BioWatt in the Press

    BioWatt increases its operations in the UK with the takeover of Station Works
  • Biogas Case Study: Station Works

    1MW CHP Farm-Biogas Project (20,000 tpa) Station Works anaerobic digestion facility is a 1MW CHP crop and farm residue fed facility near Stanstead Airport.  Owned by Katharos Organic Ltd, it was originally
  • Biogas Case Study: Marsh Farm

    500KW CHP Farm-Biogas Project (10,000 tpa) Marsh Farm Biogas is a livestock farm near Basildon supplying animal manures, crops and residues to the 499KW anaerobic digestion and drying plant. Construction commenced: June 2016
  • BioWatt to Refinance First AD Facility

    Less than 10 months after construction commenced on our first Anaerobic Digestion Facility at Marsh Farm near Basildon, BioWatt has completed the refinance of the original pre-construction debt.  As a result, the
  • Construction begins at Brigg Lane Biogas

    BioWatt has started construction on Brigg Lane Biogas AD Facility.  CLS Engineering began work on site in October, which is expected to continue for 10 months.  Brigg Lane Biogas is a 75,000
  • Construction Starts at Marsh Farm Biogas

    BioWatt has started construction at our latest AD Facility (Marsh Farm Biogas) near Basildon.  Marsh Farm Biogas will be a crop, residues and manure fed anaerobic digestion facility, developed by BioWatt in
  • BioWatt CEO talks Biogas: Zero Subsidy

    At a recent ADBA event, James Lloyd, CEO and Founder of BioWatt, is interviewed about how the AD industry can reach zero subsidy and the need for it. Unfortunately we could not get the video to
  • BioWatt BBC News Feature

    BioWatt arranges location and comment for a BBC News feature on Anaerobic Digestion in Agriculture – Biogas/ Biomethane is the most versatile source of renewable energy – deployable as electricity, heat, chilling
  • Is it a Water or (Bio)Gas Company?

    Biogas is important to Anglian Water – Very important!  The renewable gases produced in the Company’s anaerobic digestion plants already generate enough energy to power a town the size of Huntingdon! And
  • Visit your MP – he’s not a Monster!

    Does anyone else wonder what the point of seeing your MP is…  whether they will see you; or indeed whether they care about our little problems? “That was me.  And then I
  • CASE STUDY: Biogas/ AD Strategy

    PROJECT NAME: BIOGAS STRATEGY CLIENT: ANGLIAN WATER BioWatt has been asked by Anglian Water to assist and advise on how they can grow the amount of Biogas they produce through AD. Anglian Water have made great strides,
  • CASE STUDY: Biogas Feasibility Study

     PROJECT NAME: BIOGAS FEASIBILITY STUDY CLIENT: LONDON BOROUGH OF HOUNSLOW The London Borough of Hounslow approached BioWatt Developments to assist them with their thinking concerning a piece of land which they owned
  • A Comparison of the UK and German AD Markets

    The UK is at a critical point in the development of it’s Biogas and Biomethane from AD markets.  Pinsents asked two leaders on the subject of AD in their respective Countries to
  • Thanks to Pinsent Masons – an evening of anaerobic digestion

    BioWatt and especially our CEO, James Lloyd, would like to offer a big “Thanks!” to Pinsent Masons for inviting us to speak at last weeks evening talks on anaerobic digestion. The evening
  • Biomethane Market – NEW IEA Report

    The International Energy Agency (Task 40 and Task 37) has published a detailed report on the status of biomethane (including upgraded biogas and bio-SNG) production, grid injection and use in the various IEA countries. It