BioWatt has been retained to provide commercial and technical advice by the UK arm of a German Energy Company on their acquisition of a Biomethane/ Biogas AD Plant.

The UK continues to see significant financial restructuring and consolidation (assets and operators) and the introduction of new (mainly corporate) investors over recent months.  The UK Government continues to signal long term support for the growth of the AD market – especially Biomethane – which is attracting large global companies looking to “get into” AD in various forms. The BioWatt commercial/ technical team was retained to undertake an initial technical review and financial business model of the acquisition target (including the potential for future expansion), which would have exceeded £20m in value. The investment/ acquisition would be their first in AD in the UK.

BioWatt, as an independent Operator/ Developer, brings a wealth of completed biogas transaction (construction and acquisition finance), as well as hands-on operating and management, experience.  As a result, we have been engaged to provide a commercial and technical overview , including site visit and detailed report, on the early stages of a potential plant acquisition.  The inclusion of BioWatt in negotiations allowed real time “fact checking” and negated the Seller argument that the Buyer lacked practical knowledge in their arguments.

The BioWatt team built an excellent rapport with both Buyer and Seller, facilitating productive discussions and cutting through to important issues for quick resolution.  Using our extensive in-house development experience and expertise, BioWatt have undertaken the following:

  • Review of planning and environmental permits/ permissions against current operations

  • Site visits and technical review of operations

  • High level review of operating, maintenance, asset management, environmental management and health and safety practices

  • Review of financial and technical performance

  • Financial modelling and future business plan – supporting purchase valuation

Plant Acquisition – Technical Advice
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