Biogas Operations

BioWatt has over 4 years of multisite biogas operations experience.
Our operators use the latest “best-in-class” techniques and technologies
to optimise plant output.

Food Waste

Not sure why plant performance isn’t where you want it to be? Tired of managing and replacing, and retaining site and back-room staff?

By working with BioWatt you benefit from 4 years of hands-on multi-site experience and a back office of highly skilled, enthusiastic specialists in the running of AD facilities.

BioWatt has partnered with SMART-OPS to provide the first “big data” web-based platform approach to operations management of AD plants in the UK.

Plant owners will be able to log in to a web-based portal and see real-time operational information, dashboards and events in additional to the usual SCADA remote log-in.

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