Asset Management

Making data driven decisions in real-time using the latest
cloud based systems

We can provide our Asset Management Services as part of an
all-in operational package or just a thin management layer over your
existing operations/ operators

There is SO much more to Asset Management than submitting some management accounts!


BioWatt uses the first operations management system designed solely for the AD industry. It means we can track all quantitative and qualitative aspects of operational data in real-time through our web-based info portal and dashboards!

Think of it as capturing all that data sat in the heads of your operators or in grubby folders gathering dust in site offices and presenting it in an actionable format, online, all the time.

There is no such thing as a “steady state” – plants are always either increasing or decreasing within desired limits. This means, as Asset Managers, we’re always watching the data to see whether things need to be “turned-up” or “turned-down” before an optimum limit is reached triggering a more serious “event”.


In addition to the “big stuff” – plants run on lots of small purchases as well – from oil, grease and lubricant – to chemicals, additives and PPE – they all need regular replenishing to ensure that a plant can run smoothly. Making sure deliveries arrive, chasing orders and stock management is a full time job.

BioWatt has developed an excellent network of companies that provide cost-effective, fit-for-purpose products that make up our supply chain.

Working with BioWatt is efficient and allows the plants we manage to benefit from our larger economies of scale in purchasing everything from diesel to personal gas monitors.

Smart-device based operational data gathering and management system

Anaerobic Digestion Facilities fall under and interact with a number of regulatory agencies in order to be able to function as both plants and businesses:

  • Ofgem
  • Animal & Plant Health Authority
  • Local Planning Authority
  • Environment Agency
  • Health & Safety Executive
  • Environmental Health

As your Asset Manager, BioWatt would be responsible for the pro-active reporting requirements of each and working reactively in the event of an “incident”. In our experience, the majority of regulatory personnel want to work with sites to achieve compliance – indeed, organisations such as the Environment Agency mandate their officers to work with sites to give them every opportunity to correct non-compliances. Therefore, the key to good regulator relations is to always have a plan!


Hugely important – when done right it makes your operators feel valued and that they can do their job safely. We use the SmartOps system to record hazards, near-misses and incidents in real-time, with photographic evidence and completely transparent investigation, recommendation and close-out procedures.

BioWatt’s experienced H&S experts carry out regular site audits to identify new risks and issues and monitor progress against previous actions; and our Policies and Procedures have been developed over years of experience – striking the right balance between risk management and the need to provide 24/7 rapid response when work needs to be done. And if in doubt – there is always someone there to ask – by phone, by Instant Messaging through group chats and the SmartOps web-app.


The BioWatt technical, commercial and operational teams have considerable experience managing, enforcing and negotiating commercial agreements related to the operation of biogas plants.

Plants require the constant management and improvement and renegotiation of a number of key commercial agreements including

  • Feedstock Supply
  • Digestate Management
  • Plant Operations
  • Private Power Agreements (PPA)
  • CHP maintenance
  • Upgrader maintenance
  • Site Lease and access

We provide accounting and book-keeping services through cloud based management accounts. This allows managers and client to access all accounts information and financial reports from wherever there is an internet connection.

We are also able to provide regular reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflows, etc) as required by funders, including performance against financial covenants and investment criteria (e.g. Debt Service Coverage Ratios)